• Get Tableau For Free

    Tableau is free for all students from academic institutions around the world, as long as they are using it as part of their course or for a personal project. In order to request a free one-year license, you will need to prove that you are enrolled in a program within an academic institution. Do not go to the website and download the free version with a 14-day license. Instead, follow the steps below to get a one-year license.

    1. Go to the following URL:
    2. Select the [Get Tableau for Free] hotlink.
    3. Fill out and submit the form. Select your university
    4. Tableau will send you an email so that you can use the license
  • Tableau Training Videos with Data Sets

    After you have registered as a student (obtained the 12-month academic license) you can sign in, watch, and follow along with the on-demand training videos below. You must be signed in to follow these links.

    If you would like a quick demonstration (using the same data file "Global Superstore.xlsx" as in the video above) of how to perform a few of the more common practices, try the shorter videos below: